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Don't forget "Grizz's Story A Greater Courage" !!

Other recommended reading

There Is Eternal Life For Animals

A Book Based On Bible Scripture

By Niki Behrikis Shanahan

This book is about the afterlife of animals from a Christian perspective.
According to the Bible, all animals go to heaven!  This well-researched
book is a comfort for those who have lost a pet.

Paw Prints Through the Years by Jean C. Keating; highly recommended!! (5 stars)

Jean C Keating is the author who was kind enough to take me "under her wing" when I wrote Grizz's Story and also did the book review that is on the back cover of my book. A wonderful friendship was formed that I will always cherish. I have read this book and recommend it very highly.  It is charming and delightful!!  She is an incredible writer.

Life with 6 generations of Papillons!!  8 color pages of her babies. 

Click on the book to link directly to her website to learn more about ordering it. Hardback, 224 pages filled with love!!

Tell her, I sent you!!  ;-)

Jo Helms-author of "Grizz's Story  A Greater Courage"



Laurie Kaplan, (fellow author and friend), along with her best friend, "Bullet" share their story about their battle with cancer and offer support, hope, and information about what you can do to help your cancer dog fight back against this crushing disease.

*UPDATE: Bullet stepped across Rainbow Bridge recently but not before he touched so many lives.  Our deepest condolences to Laurie.  Bully will be sadly missed.