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More news !!

Help save Kei, the North American Wolf

Jan. 9, 2005
Hello Everyone,
This is a little long but there has been a development in Kei`s status,
so do please try to read through all the way to the Actions For Today
and to re-energise yourself with the positive news and recommit to
networking, e-mailing and letter writing. I feel/have hope that
utlimate success could be nearby if our numbers and voices grow louder.
The zoo has buckeled and has moved Kei to another enclosure. Her new
enclosure is a little bigger than her old enclosure size. And it is an
earthen floor -- not like the concrete slab they had her on for the
last 12 years of her life. BUT IT IS STILL TOTALLY UNSATISFACTORY! --
really not that much bigger.
They did this merely because they have been targeted by Kei`s
supporters all around the world and hope that these little superficial
improvements will blunt any further criticism of them and cause us to
not demonstrate in front of the zoo again. They hope that this will
make our supporters say, !H(BThere, Kei is all well now in a little larger
place and off the concrete. Let`s leave this zoo alone now and stop
calling for her return to North America where wolf sanctuaries are
waiting for her arrival.!I(B But it is still totally inadequate as
compensation for the 12 years of suffering with her life she has given
them. She still paces and her whine is one that elicits abject pity
for any who hear it. In fact, one of our supporters on the ground
here, Kim Petersen, has a 15 second short of her and her sad whine in
this new cell of hers. Hopefully she will get it up soon and then you
can view it. Check her site page for Kei at:
Anyway, Kei was moved into the enclosure that held the African Caracel
cat. They opened the doors to the other two adjoining enclosures so
that Kei would have all three. The Caracel cat was moved into Kei`s
old enclosure which was a little improvement in size for it -- but it
now has the concrete life that Kei once had.
So, it looks like we have the zoo playing musical enclosures with their
animals. They are showing that they are sensitive to exposure and
criticism, and are worried about an image that is being painted blacker
and blacker by not taking any action to not only release Kei, but to
also not better the living conditions of the other aniimals in thier
But you know what is greatest about this news? Sure you do! The
domino affect of focusing on one animal (Kei) had an impact on another
animal -- the Caracel cat. Not only did it get a little bigger
enclosure (although concrete), they went out of their way to throw in
some big logs for her to climb on and scratch. It didn`t have that in
her old enclosure -- the one where Kei is now. So, they are at least
thinking a little about environment other than just naked space. But
please, don`t think that the Caracal cat is living in luxery in Kei`s
old enclosure. For those of you who are not familiar with the terrible
physical condition this cat is in, please look at the main page of and you will see her mangy scraggily fur that just
looks like it has been licked/chewed off -- probably due to stress and
But here we have the zoo jumping to do something because of our
campaign for Kei. So they are moveable when they are scrutinized by
the world and when direct action is taken in front of their facility
giving them a black eye for all visitors and passerbys to see. None of
that (minor improvements) happened when Rika and I were wasting our
time going back and forth to talk to them. It took action. It was
equivelent to the punch in the nose to the zoo. They are not used to
western style protests. It must have come as a big shock to them that
someone would be willing to picket for or against anything other than
military bases being here. Huge wake up call for them.
Now is the time to tighten the screws even harder.
Our campaign is really getting a lot of momentum and it is just a
matter of time before we get that concientious celebrity who in his or
her spare time at home is surfing the web and happens upon us and our
network of supporters and then decides to lend their name to our cause.
I also think that one of the smartest things we are doing now is
including the Okinawa Tourist Office in our targeting and exposure. By
now, they have already called to the zoo to ask why they are getting an
avalanche of e-mails and the beginnings of snail mail trickling in. I
am sure this has also been forwarded to the governor of Okinawa by
I`m playing around with demonstrating either in front of the tourist
office one day or to do it in front of one of the resort hotels where a
fleet of tourist busses pick up scores of tourists everyday. Perhaps
even outside the airport gate -- to greet the visitors to Okinawa with
the news that the place they have chosen as their 3 day holiday from
mainland is in fact a place of cruelty and a hell hole for Okinawa
City`s zoo animals. Another helping of Embarrassment Pie and a punch
in the nose for the zoo is being ordered up. Perhaps they are gluttons
for punishment. Wow. Now my brain is really moving.
And get this, as bad as we are bothering them now, we haven`t even
called for a formal boycott of the place yet. If we could just cause
them to lose 5% of ticket sales, that would be a terrible blow for
them. They would have to try and regain those visitors by using their
buddgett for promotion and advertising. So, eventhough they may keep
the same number of visitors coming in, they would have to spend an
offsetting amount of money to attract those visitors. Bottom line is,
we, operating on a shoestring budgett of loyal volunteers, will cause
them to spend and lose money -- causing them to think and brainstorm
how to further appease us and blunt criticism of them. All ultimately
benefitting the animals in the long run.
I`m very pleased -- but not satiated. My appetite for Kei`s release
and better living conditions for those animals has just been whetted
all that much more.
Like I`ve said before, when your opponent shows blood -- it is time to
go frenzy on them. A blistering assault is soon to come.
CHECK THIS OUT: Kei is rolling all over the net. Go to and
type in Kei. Then hit !H(Bnews!I(B and Kei`s pic icon pops up with a lead to
her story at ( ) . But before going
there directly, be sure to do the google search like I just explained.
Take a moment to thank Exurn for posting Kei`s story.
Also, don`t forget to visit Kei`s story on Baku`s `Zine, ( ) which was introduced to us by Angel
Wolf from Wolf Mountain Sanctuary (
And don`t forget, at Sam McCreesh`s site page for Kei,
links and samples of letters that can be used. Her banner there is for
all to take and spread. Sam has designed an official website for Kei
and it will be up soon.
Watching Kei
Some Music and info on Kei and action:
Okinawa City`s Kiddie Land Zoo officials have denied Kei, the North
American Timber Wolf at their facility, her chance to retire in dignity
to a wolf sanctuary in Colorado that has agreed to let her live out her
remaining days in peace and tranquility in a spacious, safely, enclosed
naturalized environment.
For months, Okinawa ZAP (Zoo Action Project) volunteers have been
trying to win her release from the concentration camp like conditions
she has languished in for the whole 16 years of her life. On November
11th 2004, zoo officials formally denied her bid for a better life
stating it was best she lived to the end of her life in the zoo under
their care. They also cited that this decision was justified based on
the fact that she and even her parents were born in the zoo so it
therefore would be the best place for her to die. This thought is one
of `once a prisoner, always a prisoner.` They also feel that despite
the fact that her enclosure is very small and virtually all concrete,
she should remain there in order to allow the children of Okinawa to
see a real, live wolf.
It is important that the world and as many people as possible be
witness to this very callous decision based on selfishness and wanton
exploitation in which children are cowardly used as a cheap excuse and
weapon to keep kei from returning to her ancestral home of North
America. In order to remind the zoo officials that the world is
watching their embarrassing act of cruelty in which they do have the
power to alleviate a creature`s torment from pacing, isolation, and
screaming kids throwing things at her, this message has been created
for others to copy and forward to message boards and friends to
encourage them to forward it back to the zoo officials with the days of
Kei`s death counting up. Just increase the day with each new day
passing and mailing.
Please, remember to notice Kei with each day be sending this message to
zoo officials, counting up to her last day of life and then her death
on concrete -- the time when she will truly be free of the terrible
life her Okinawan captors here have given her.
Okinawa ZAP ( )
Lending a voice to those with none.
Resend this to the Okinawa City Zoo at :


1). Sign the petition by clicking here. Around 10,000 signatures are needed.

2). Please send the sample letter below to the director of the zoo at:

Genwa Higa, Zoo Director
Kodomo no Kuni
5-7-1 Goya Okinawa City Okinawa Pref.,

Dear Mr. Genwa Higa

The reports that I have read about the Okinawa Zoo, is a disgrace with regard to human behaviour. It's bad enough that Japan is known around the world as the number one killer of innocent dolphins, now your city has let the zoo become an eyesore where animals suffer in unbearable conditions.

In the zoo, you have a beautiful and very sad wolf named Kei. Please allow
her to spend the remainder of her life in the comfort of the Wolf Sanctuary
in Colorado, U.S.A. ....let Kei come home....

I urge you to come to terms with your conscience and give the animals in
your zoo the care and respect that they deserve.

I look forward to a positive reply,

Yours Sincerely,

E-Mail address:


1). Please copy the banners at the top and middle of this page and attatch it to your emails and web pages, so that other people too can help to free Kei.

2). Also, have a look at Kei's lament here.

3). Visit Kei's page at the Canadian Voice for Animals

4). Visit the Okinawa Zoo Action Project website

5). Send more letters by email: visit Kei's Letter Writing Campaigns for instructions.

Stop the Aerial Slaughter of Alaska's Wolves!




"Puppymillers and backyard breeders:  Menace to the dog world and
unsuspecting buyers."

by Jo Helms:

Sorry guys but this is a subject very near and dear to my heart and I
simply must say this because I feel so very strongly about this issue.
Please understand "why" I feel so strongly.
First off, let me say that I have had plenty of "mutts" or what I like
to call "All Americans" and they have been wonderful and I have loved
them dearly but through my involvement with the Humane society of the US
and our local Humane shelter, I have learned much about how they "came
to be" in the first place and it is often sad.

As I have said before in previous articles and in presentations and group discussions, mixing breeds can be dangerous.  I personally feel that by mixing breeds purposely through genetic engineering they do compromise purebreds.  Breeds that have stood for centuries with terrific and healthy bloodlines, proven over the years and monitored by the breeders for faults or genetic disorders. Sure there will still be those "accidental breedings", which would be minimized if people would spay and neuter their "pets" but when people deliberately try to create 'The Flavor of the month" it really hurts all dogs. So many others dogs that are either in need of a home or have a home are displaced by a "FAD".
Bad blood lines, hereditary diseases and genetic defects, purposely
overlooked by the puppymiller that end of up with the dogs paying the
highest price. "Premature death or disease", and a heartbroken human who
got sideswiped and never saw it coming. Really sad.  Imagine getting this adorable sweet little puppy that you have fallen head over heels for and promising to love and cherish him/her for a long healthy and happy lifetime. We all do that everytime we welcome a new bundle into our homes, right? Then imagine at 9 months old finding out that he/she has such severe cardiomyopathy(genetic) that surgery is not an option and nothing can be done because there is already too much damage to his/her heart and he also has a genetic blood disorder that could cause him to bleed to death even if they could do surgery, . It was something the backyard breeder didn't bother to tell you was in the bloodlines of his dogs and now you face the harsh reality that your little bundle of fur never stood a chance to live from day one. The newest love of your life may only have a few more months to live. You were never told nor did they reveal this "genetic fault" which would have stopped a reputable breeder from ever considering breeding the pair again.  You never checked these people out or their dogs by contacting
other people for references......
Your heart is broken into tiny pieces so you go to see the people that
you got your puppy from and you ask, "Why wasn't I told about this?? Are
you going to help me with the expenses at all??" and the breeder just
says, "Gosh , well the puppies are sold "as is",  I don't have any
health guarantee, and sorry but I can't do anything about it, just lousy
luck, would you like another one to replace it??  You can do what you
want with the other dog...I don't want it back.  I will just have to
kill it anyway.  You can have another puppy from the next
batch..FREE!!...." and you stand there with your mouth gapping in total
disbelief as their phone rings and you overhear the discussion with yet
another prospective buyer/victim for a puppy from another batch just
like the one yours came from.  It is tragic but it happens everyday  Who's at fault?  Sadly, it is a two way
street.  the buyer for not investigating further before buying and the
seller for being an irresponsible and money hungry jerk. These people
are out for the fast buck regardless of what the pair or pairs turns out
for puppies.  BREED, BREED, BREED.  As many and as fast as they can turn
them around.  Horrible conditions most of the time.  Puppies are often
sick, unsocialized and too young when they are sold.  The parents rarely
receive the kind touch of a loving human's hand but instead are
considered "property" instead of a family member.  They are bred
continuously until they can no longer produce.  Often times because of
the unsanitary conditions, the females have horrible vaginal infections
and mastitis which are left untreated. In many instances, when they can
no longer produce litters, they are taken out and shot in the head and
their bodies are dumped like trash.  Not a very nice life for "man's
best friend" and certainly a very tragic and needless end, but at least
they are finally at peace.
Remember the "Benji" dog craze?  And the "Spuds McKenzie" dog
There were literally THOUSANDS of them bred, many of which came into
Humane shelters in droves, including the one that I volunteer for!
Those were the lucky ones. They would carry them in 6 or 7 at a time by
their tails!! We were all inundated!!  Dogs that would have had a chance
at a home were now threatened because of lack of cage space. We placed
as many as possible and humanely PTS the ones who were not so fortunate
but at least they knew love the whole time they were with us. All
because the craze was over then the 'leftovers" were "disposable"
those breeder's eyes. Sad but true. Who paid the ultimate price folks?
Once again the dogs of course and they ALWAYS do. A lot of the people
who were breeding these dogs had no where to go with them after the
sales dwindled off and started disposing of them in whatever manner they
could. Drowning, shooting, poisoning, gasing and throwing boxes (filled
with puppies) that were taped shut out of their cars into the medians on
the highways. I remember picking up a few of those boxes myself along
the highway, after witnessing them being tossed off the back of a pickup
truck and transporting the ones that were still alive to the shelter
myself.  Worse yet, some were selling them to research and vivisection
labs or the most horrible of all, shipping them out to foreign countries
where people would pay high prices for dog meat. These dogs were crammed
into tiny cages where lying down was not even a option and transported
on ships to Korean, Thailand and other countries where they were are
considered to be a delicacy.  Many died in transport because of
suffocation, dehydration and shock.
In summary, how can you protect yourself from being a victim and help
prevent and stop backyard breeders and puppmills??
Deal only with reputable breeders who have a written health guarantee on
their puppies and who will stand behind them, if or when something does
develop.  Check them out, ask for references and verify them.  Go and
meet them, ask to see their kennels, meet their dogs.  Ask who their Vet
is, if necessary, call the Vet and verify that these people are
responsible pet owners.  Once you are comfortable, then ask price....  A
cheap price should not be the driving force for you when you are buying
a puppy.  Ask whether there is a spay/neuter contract and finally be
sure to ask that if something happens and you can not keep the dog,
whether you are required to return the dog to them..  Most breeders want
their pups back and will make efforts to rehome them.
If only established, reputable and responsible breeders were allowed to
breed and raise dogs there would still be plenty to go around and you
know what?  A few shelters might actually be able to close their doors
and happily walk away knowing that they won't be having to transport
and/or decide who lives or dies today.  Rescues might actually have time
to spend with their own dogs and doing home visits with the ones who
have had to be re-homed for one reason or another.
We all have an opportunity to help control the pet over-population and
the ever increasing numbers of wonderful animals that are being
destroyed in this country every year but wow, it sometimes is seems to
be such a huge mountain to climb when in reality, there are some very
simply the things we can do. Don't feed the greed of puppymillers by
giving them any demand for a "new, improved, faster, cuter, fuzzier,
smoother, curlier" version of what is already filling the shelters to
the brims.  Check out any breeder who is advertising puppies for sale
BEFORE you buy.  When in doubt, contact you local dog clubs and humane
societies who will more than likely have the scoop on those people.
Remember too, that puppymills and backyard breeders will often offer you
a cheap price to buy a puppy but in the long run, it may cost you so
much more in heartache and sadness too. Another good clue: Puppymillers
and backyard breeders look at this as a quick profit and often do not
charge sales tax because they do not want to have to report the
income...   There are many reputable breeders out there who care about
their dogs and the offspring they produce.  And on a final note, check
with the rescues for the breed you are interested in.  God knows there
are so many out there that already need homes.. Consider adopting one of
them instead. Take it from one who has worked in a Humane shelter for
30+ years, and has never once left there without crying buckets for the
ones that I knew were not going to find a home.  As I walk down the
aisles of kennels and see cards flipped indicating that there is no more
time for this one or that one, I am reminded of the injustice that
exists for these beautiful and loving creatures.  They did not ask to be
born and they are not asking to die...but they will because of someone's
greed and stupidity..   I would love nothing more than to see the day
when we could close those kennel and shelter doors forever because they
are all safe in their forever homes....and there is no longer a need for
Humane Societies and rescues for the "unwanted".....=)   I can only
and pray that I will live to see that day but until then I will continue
to educate those who do not show responsibility and compassion and I
will continue to pray for their 4 legged victims.

Hug your babies guys....   Jo