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“Grizz’s Story-A Greater Courage”   A Dog’s Journey

                                                                                                               by Jo Helms

A beautiful story about a brave and courageous Siberian Husky, his battle with cancer and the family who fought right beside him every step of the way.  A true story about courage, faith, trust and devotion.





“Grizz” and at the age of 10 years he was diagnosed with spindle cell fibro-sarcoma.  His courage was incredible as we journeyed through the battle to save his life.  I wrote his story and included 54 color photos of our wonderful life with him and I am donating all the proceeds from this book to a 501c3 fund in his memory to help finance continuing canine cancer research and treatment at the University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine.  The Grizz and Friends Fund was featured as the charity of the month by the Kathie Lee Gifford organization for September 2004.  We have sold and shipped copies of this book to 24 states within the continental US as well as England, Sweden, Canada and recently to the SHC of Australia.  Kathy Stryeski, DVM with The Siberian Husky Health Foundation has reviewed this book and is highly recommending this book for all dog lovers.  

If you have someone special on your Christmas list, someone hard to buy for, please consider buying them a copy of Grizz's Story.

Go to and see for yourself that our mission is earnest.  We attended the Siberian Husky National Specialty in Greenville, SC., sold 31 books in a couple of hours and had a chance to meet many of the groups and breeders of Siberian Huskies. I am also a member of the Dog Writers Association of America but I will not be putting my book into bookstores because of the huge percentage,(40-50%), that they want simply to stock it on their shelves.  I called Barnes and Noble in Appleton and they wanted 40% even after I told them it was a not-for-profit book, Amazon wanted 55% even when I told them about the Grizz and Friends Fund being a 501c3 charity..sad but true. We really want those monies to go to where they will do something to help secure a better future for all of them. I have purposely kept the price down so that people can afford it which can be a major concern specifically to cancer pet owners.  I have done this all on my own with no outside funding as a promise that I made to Grizz to carry on the fight against the ever increasing disease that took him from us, so that others may live.  Please think of us this Holiday Season.  You will be helping them obtain the promise for a brighter and healthier future.

Our deepest thanks and I look forward to hearing from you..

Jo Helms and Grizz in shining spirit   


Jo Helms-author of "Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage", available at or

Member of the DWAA, The Fox Valley Humane Association, HSUS, The Pet Prayer Line, &,


In memory of Grizz. We will always love you.




Share your love and time with those who need it most. Hug a pet today!!


Please consider giving a donation of food, toys, blankets, or cash to your local rescues and shelters in memory of a past companion or human friend.  These angels of mercy who care for those who have no voice need help too.  Thank you!!

Our prayer for you is that you will always know the love from a furry companion and that your heart will lead you to help insure that they have a brighter future.  God Bless you and keep you in His arms..and give you good health.

To you and yours.

Jo, Barry, Sarge, Kodi and Grizz in shining spirit


The Grizz and Friends Fund is a 501c3 charity with the University of WI-School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, WI Copyright Jo Helms ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.