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Help support "The Grizz and Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund". A 501(c)3 fund established at the University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison with the proceeds from my book.

Here are some unique gift ideas that through your purchase will help fund companion animal cancer research and treatment.

If you wish to purchase a copy of:

"Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage",

the book, by itself without the wristband or gift set, then please click on this link 

You will be redirected to the page with a printable mail order form specifically for book orders only and the available Paypal options. 

We have had wristbands made up to show support for the "Grizz and Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund" and to help spread the word.  These are beautiful and "adjustable"!!  A GREAT way to show your support. They are available either separately or in combination with a copy of the book about the Siberian Husky, named "Grizz" that stole our hearts and launched a worldwide campaign with sales in Germany, Sweden, Canada, England, Australia and 29 states throughout the continental US.....and in whose loving memory, we continue to fight companion animal cancer.  Recommended reading for all ages by the Siberian Husky Health Foundation. Truly a wonderful gift that keeps right on giving.

There will be two Paypal buttons for customers wishing to use Paypal as well as a printable order form for those preferring mail orders.   Please note that those using Paypal will have a one dollar additional fee for each item included on their total. That is because Paypal charges for giving customers the convenience of using this option.

Anyone wishing to purchase multiple gift packs(book and wristband) or multiple wristbands without the book, please contact us at so we can adjust the S/H accordingly and send you an e-invoice. Do not use the mail order form for multiple item orders unless you contact us.  We appreciate your support. 

"Do it for them..... They CAN win..." 


Wristband to support the Grizz and Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund.

Five dollars, "5.00", each plus one dollar, "1.00", S&H by mail order.  

Six dollars, "6.00", each plus one dollar, "1.00", S&H if purchased via Paypal. 

These are a little more expensive because of the convenient snap closure and adjustable size but they are high quality and VERY comfortable and the money raised goes to help find a cure for companion animal cancer.  You can show your support by wearing this wristband wherever you go.  It is translucent red for high visibility and much more flexible than the standard wristbands being used by other organizations.


Adjustable closure fits children and adults.


To purchase the wristband only click on the Paypal button above.  This is for purchases within the continental United States based on US postage. International orders, email us at for price quote and e-invoicing. Again, thank you for your support.


Adjustable snap closure, a little over 8 inches in length, flexible.



Nineteen-ninety-five, "19.95" plus four dollars, "4.00" S&H by mail order.  

Twenty-one-ninety-five, "21.95" plus four dollars, "4.00" S&H via Paypal. 

Shipping and handling fees indicated are based on destinations within the continental United States.  Please contact us for International orders so we can calculate the shipping based on current rates. 

We have happy customers in England, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany and 29 states throughout the continental US.


Gift Set

To purchase the gift set containing one personalized and autographed copy of "Grizz's Story" the book, and one wristband, please click on the Paypal button above. This is for purchases within the continental United States based on US postage. International orders, email us at  for price quote and e-invoicing. Again, thank you for your support.




Please help support companion animal cancer research. Be an active part of finding that elusive cure.. Love, Grizz

Please remember:  Cancer strikes 50% of dogs over the age of 10 years, almost one third of all pets will die of cancer related illnesses and the numbers are still growing.  There are leaps and bounds being made in the treatments of various types of cancer in animals while insuring their quality of life, which is critical to their happiness, and it is with your help that the fight against this killer will continue.  The chemotherapy drugs used to treat animals are also the same ones used to treat humans. If YOUR furry companion has cancer, please contact us for information about the latest treatment options and who you can contact to learn more.  We are also members of Canine Cancer Awareness support group offered through the Perseus Foundation, where not only moral support can be found for cancer dog owners but information on treatment trials, diet, and even holistic treatment options can be found. Know the warning signs of cancer in your pets. Seek the advice of a professional at the first sign of any abnormal growths, persistent limping or coughs.  These could be early warning signs of cancer. The life you save may be that of your own pet one day by knowing what to watch for.  We will continue to lead the fight against this silent killer that does not discriminate between animals and humans so that one day, CANCER will no longer be a threat to man nor animal.   God Bless you and thank you for your support.

Jo Helms---"Grizz's Mom" and Author of "Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage". 

Professional freelance writer, member of the Dog Writers Association of America, International award winning poet and photographer.  Winner of ISP's Editor's Choice award in November of 2003.  Awarded for outstanding achievement in Poetry-March 2004 and nominated for International Poet of the Year-2004 by the International Society of Poetry. Outstanding Achievement Award for amateur photography-April of 2004 by the International Society of Photographers. Published works in "The Colors of Life", ISBN 0-7951-5239-6, The International "Who's Who in Poetry".  Featured articles in "Siberian Husky Highlights" for The Twin Cities Siberian Husky Club of Minnesota as well as feature writer for "What's WOO in the News" and Founder of the Grizz and Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund recognized as Charity of the Month for September of 2004 by the Kathie Lee Gifford organization.  Awards of merit from the International and American Web Master's Association for creativity and quality of web site content and design, 2003-2006. Administrator of the "National Missing Pet Alert Network", helping lost or missing pets find their way home. The petowner's answer to the "Amber Alert". 

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