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Absolute Beginners with Donelda Guy

Review by Jo Helms-editor

A totally FUN but very informative DVD.  Upbeat, positive.  Donelda and her three furry companions are a GREAT team.  I even tried some of her techniques with my Siberian and he picked right up on it.  We are now doing spins, circles, paw, foot and a whole range of fun things.  She emphasizes the FUN part, while incorporating good basic training and play motivation activities.  I really enjoyed reviewing this.  Jo




1 professional, tracked  DVD, 90 minutes, The Absolute Beginner is a step-by-step guide to take you from Absolute Beginner to Top Prize Champion. There is advice on tips, treats, rewards, training aids, voice commands and body language. All the basic commands from wait, watch me, stay, come and canine freestyle steps are explained. You will also learn when to and when not to give that vital signal!. You will see dogs who have never done one move learn to do several steps in sequence. She is joined by her friends to help demonstrate the more advanced moves. The DVD ends with splendid demonstrations by Donelda and her canine partners

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